“Purim Meimoohni” (Purim Party in farsi), is an imaginary event which I designed as a tribute to the Mashadi Community, of which I’m a proud member.
The design is inspired by Persian culture in general, ancient Persian art and classic Persian carpet and textile designs.
The main aim of the event is to bring the new generation of Mashhadi Jews closer to their culture, by creating an event that unifies traditional and modern design.
The choice of designing a Purim Party was inspired by the link between the meaning of the famous jewish holiday and the incredible story of the Jews of Mashhad, whom had to hide their Jewish identity in order to survive.​​​​​​​
The images and patterns I created for the branding were inspired by the main motifs represented on Persian rugs and textiles. The visual research was made using my family's original rugs and clothing from the end of the 19th Century.
In order to keep hiding their identity, Persian Jews developed a new type called "Jahdidi" which was a mix of Persian and Hebrew written and spoken languages. This secret script was used by the members of the community to secretly communicate without being discovered and was one of the main reasons for their survival.
For the logo event I was inspired by this unusual type and created a graphic element which unites both Jewish and Muslim visual culture in one element.
Another important element which inspired the design was the typical Persian rug, which is known worldwide as the main symbol of Persian culture.
I created a series of animated rugs which were projected during the party. 
Bezalel Academy, 2020
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